What is the style of communication that you coach and teach? Recently I’ve been asked this question multiple times.

Here is the answer to clarify it for you.

✅ It’s communication for success or achievement.

I coach and teach people how to get what they want out of life and achieve their goals while removing mental blocks that might stop them.

So if I break it down, it is as follows

✅ 1) Self-communication and mindset: How we talk to ourselves and getting our minds right. If we get our minds right everything else follows and we can get what we want out of life. When we get stuck in life, it means that we need to learn a new skill to move forward. The right mindset and self-communication will help us do this.

✅ 2) Communicating with others to create win-win situations: This includes reading body language and non-verbal communication in addition to what the person is saying and gaining rapport quickly. At least 70 percent of all communication is non-verbal so it is important to learn how to read a person’s body language to understand them better to enable you to create win-win situations in all areas of your life both personal and professional.

✅ 3) We use these skills of self-communication and communicating with others to build relationships to enable you to get what you want out of life whether it be to get a promotion or get a new job or handle people at work or get more out of your staff who are not performing or meet and connect with a person at a deeper level to have a fulfilling relationship or to build your business through marketing and targeting your ideal clients.

Can you see how important these skills are to your progress?

Marcus Aurelius a former emperor of Rome and a Stoic philosopher said, ” The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts.”

Your thoughts are how you talk to yourself or your self-communication. We will take it up a notch and say that ” The quality of your life depends upon the quality of your communication with yourself and with others.” This includes your self-communication and your external communication.

We take a holistic approach and work together on your INNER and OUTER worlds while mapping them to the following levels:

✅ Physical

✅ Emotional

✅ Logical or Conceptual

✅ Creative

✅ Spiritual

Your INNER world will create your OUTER world. All the answers can be found inside of you.

The more aware you are the more successful you will be. Your level of awareness determines your level of success in life.  And you can’t leave that to chance if you are serious about being successful.

When you are fulfilled internally you have peace and when you are fulfilled externally you have abundance. We need both to be truly fulfilled in our lives.

The best way to reach fulfilment is by coaching. This will allow me to help you become successful from within so that you can then go out into the world and experience all those things that make us happy!

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All my life I have been a student of success and personal development. This has enabled me to help myself advance in my own life in addition to helping others. I have been working as an independent Coach since 2019. I work with individuals helping them to overcome challenges and live happier, healthier and wealthier lifestyles. My passion lies in assisting my clients to find solutions to problems and develop strategies to improve their overall well-being.

I believe that everyone deserves to lead a full and meaningful life where they enjoy themselves and receive recognition for their achievements.

I offer coaching in areas of Self Esteem, Stress Management, Communication Skills, Goal Setting and Personal Development.

My mission is to assist each client to discover their own unique path to personal growth and development.

One of my greatest joys in life is helping individuals like you and seeing them reach their full potential.

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