The law of attraction, an explanation. If you are like me you would have heard of The Law of Attraction. It became popular through the movie The Secret … 

The Law of Attraction is a concept in the field of metaphysics that explains how you can attract things like success and happiness into your life by the power of positive thinking. The Law of Attraction is one of the most popular things in the world today. It has been used by many people to make their dreams come true. If you start to think more positively about your life and what you want, you will end up attracting what you want. Well, let’s go sit in a cave then think about a car. I bet you the car will not appear.

We need to do more than think to get what we want in our lives. The law of attraction goes by another name. It is The Law of Vibration. I believe that name is more accurate in describing the law and how it works.

The law of vibration: This law states that everything is made up of vibrations and that we attract and co-create with those that are vibrating at the same level as us. This is a short and sweet blog post explaining how it all works.

Our bodies are not solid. Any object that appears to be solid is not solid even steel is not solid. It just means that the more solid an object is the closer its molecules are vibrating. Our vibrations are not a result of our thoughts only. How do you vibrate you might ask? It is a result of how you feel. In human terms for us to understand our vibration is the way we feel. Thinking positive and thinking about what you want is not enough to make it true. You need to attach the thought to feelings so

Your thoughts + how you feel = Your vibration 

In other words, our thoughts, words, and actions attached to feelings are all frequencies of vibrations that affect us and those around us.

A thought linked to emotion is very powerful. Have you seen or heard of mothers doing amazing things to save their children when they are in danger like lifting a car or something along those lines then when the mother is asked how she did that she can’t explain how it happened.

What you think attached to a feeling is not by itself going to get you what you want. You need to take action. When you have positive thoughts about what you want and attach it to good feelings or strong emotions about getting it this makes you take the correct action to achieve or get what you want out of life so we can modify our equation as follows

 Your vibration (thoughts + Feelings) + action = What you want whether negative or positive

What we think about most, what we speak about most, what we feel the most and our actions are all the main things that will affect our experience in this world.
So, what does this mean for us?
It’s time to start focusing on what we want to see more of, instead of what we don’t want.

The Law of Vibration is the law of cause and effect. It is the understanding that the whole Universe is made up of vibration.
Anything that vibrates at a certain frequency will release its own energy.
This energy will then be received by other things that are also vibrating at the same frequency.
This is how we can use this law to create change in our lives.  And how do humans vibrate? They feel … The missing ingredient is feeling or emotion.

Why do we feel good after we get a compliment, but bad after we get criticised?
This is because we’re unconsciously matching the vibration we put out with the vibration we receive.
It’s the law of vibration, and it’s the reason to look at how we can change our thoughts and our vibration (feelings) to make our lives better.   You need to learn to trigger the feelings that you want from inside of you not from any external event. If you want to be positive you need to internally trigger positive thoughts and focus on the positive not the negative in your life. Most people focus on the negative and get affected by what other people say or think. You need to create the feelings you want and have an internal reference, not an external one. Let things that don’t support you go. Realise that you can choose your thoughts and what affects or doesn’t affect you. A ship floats in the water. The water can’t sink it until it is inside the ship. Same with other peoples’ opinions or thoughts about you. They can’t affect you until you believe what they say about you. If you believe it you are affected if not then you are OK.

When you want to be a certain way for example let’s say you want to be rich.  You need to think about how a person who is rich would act? what would a person who is rich feel?  what would they think? And you need to start acting, thinking and feeling that way.

You need to have a plan on how you will get rich. You need to be specific, persistent and never give up. You need to try different things till you get the outcome that you want. At the same time don’t be affected by what others think unless it supports you.

Thinking about what you want by itself is not enough to get what you want. You need to think, feel and take action to get what you want. If you do that you will get the desired outcome.

In this blog post, I wanted to highlight the missing ingredient in the law of attraction which is attaching emotion to your thoughts and adding action. Things don’t happen by themselves you need to take action. What you want out of life will come as a result of your effort.

How will you move forward after reading this? Please share your experience and what you think below in the comments.