Fail forward fast! Live your life as if you are the star of your own movie. When I woke up today I was not feeling great. I couldn’t figure out why? What I discovered is that I had a few client meetings with a web design client, the client said that they will get back to me.  It has only been a day and I haven’t heard back. For some reason, I didn’t feel good…

What I wanted to share today is that once I processed the feeling and figured out why I was feeling that way I changed the way I am physically, decided to get up and go for a quick walk by the beach.

Now I’m feeling better. The funny thing is that during my walk I met somebody who I knew. I haven’t seen them in a very long time. They asked me for a website for a friend so I ended up getting a new client and that was great but the reason for the blog article is that we shouldn’t be affected by outside circumstances. It doesn’t matter what happens outside of us. It is really not easy to do this but if you train yourself to feel good because you want to feel good and it comes from inside of you, your life will be different. The way I make myself feel good and not be affected by what happens outside of me is that I always look for what I’m grateful for that enables me to not be affected by the outside circumstance. It’s not easy but it’s worth it in the end.

Secondly is to fail forward fast if you did something and it didn’t work out maybe you talked to a potential client and they didn’t sign up, don’t get stuck fail forward fast and be persistent. You’ll get what you’re after in the end. Getting stuck only slows you down.

You can be the main character in your life story. There is no need to be a victim of circumstances. You can choose to be the hero of your own story. The key is to fail forward fast. Failing forward fast means that you are aware of the possibility that you will fail. You are aware of the risks to your endeavour. You are aware of your weaknesses. You are aware of your vulnerabilities. You are aware of your imperfections. You are aware of your doubts. You are aware of your fear. You are aware of your shortcomings. You are aware of your limitations. And you are aware of the obstacles that you will face. But you press forward anyway.

Every failure gets you closer to success. If you don’t fail in life you will never succeed as if you never fail it means that you are not trying. In school, they taught us that failure is not good however in real life it is a different story. Failure is necessary. We’re in the age of self-help. But I’ve noticed that in our culture, we’ve made the mistake of associating the term “self-help” with guilt, punishment, and regret when in reality, it’s about self-empowerment. The whole point of self-help is to help you become the best version of yourself. Think of it this way: if you’re not failing, then you’re not living. So, the idea of “failure” is not all that scary. You can’t fail if you’re living your life like you’re the star of your own movie.

We all have movie stars we admire. But the truth is, the only movie that matters is the one that’s playing in your head. And that means that you can be the star of your own movie. You get to decide the plot, the setting, the costumes, the soundtrack and the cast. You get to decide how things end. You get to decide what it’s about. You get to decide if you’re fighting or dancing. You get to decide who you are.

So what are you going to do? Are you going to sit on the sideline or are you going to rise and be the hero of your life?

You have the opportunity to live your life as if you are the hero of your own movie. You are the star of the show. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy to live your life that way. It’s actually really hard. It’s hard to be the star of your own movie because you have to take responsibility for what happens to you and you need to be accountable for your results. This can be scary like really scary. But the rewards are huge. In addition, taking responsibility sets you free. There is no one to blame no person no circumstance … You are in control.

In a movie, the hero does not give up. He/she keeps going. It would be like it is the end of the world then they will try something else. It would appear like there is no way out. But they don’t give up. They rest but are always failing forward fast. They move from one thing to the next till they reach the desired outcome. I invite you to do the same with your life. And like a hero in a movie you don’t need to be alone. You can call on the help of your loved ones, a coach and or a therapist to help you on your journey. Like the African proverb says “If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.”

I would be interested in what you think. Why not let me know in the comments?