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Helping You Find The Motivation To Implement Your Knowledge Into Your Life Without Being Overwhelmed, Frustrated And Stressed To Get Results.

  • Effective Implementation.
  • More Trust In Yourself and Self-Confidence.
  • Results You Desire.

My Purpose is

to help highly motivated career-minded individuals like YOU apply and implement their knowledge through developing positive habits, managing their stress, setting boundaries, managing their time and energy to get the desired results.

Work With Me

Free Discovery Call

During the Free 1-on-1 strategy session, we discover what you really want, make it measurable and clear, find the reasons behind what you want, provide you with options on how to get what you want and see if we are a perfect fit to work together.


Goals Plan

If we are a perfect fit you will get a custom 3 month/12 session self-help package designed specifically for you based on your needs and what you want. This is not group training or a one package fits all. It is customised and personalised for you.

Reach Your Goals

We will work together through specially designed sessions for you on next-step actions that turn into rituals to get you to where you want to be while managing any challenges or blocks. You will get the tools, an action plan, support and guidance to reach your goals.

My Story

How I Learnt to Navigate the Corporate World, Why YOU Should Listen to Me and How I Can Help YOU?

When I started my career I was an IT Support Officer, within 6 months I was an Application Packaging and Testing Engineer. Soon after I worked as an IT Senior Network Engineer/Technical Lead then as a Satellite Communications Customer Support Manager/Lead Engineer.

During that time I learnt how to take concepts and implement them in real life. In addition to dealing with people effectively, managing stress, prioritising my time and optimising my energy. Then one day I realised that I was not fulfilled anymore. I thought computers were my passion until I discovered that helping others was my superpower. I was blind to this.

Individuals came to me with their issues or when they were stuck. I somehow knew how to pinpoint what was blocking them and how they could progress. This is my purpose, to help people through guiding and teaching. One of my greatest joys is helping individuals like you and seeing them reach their full potential.

Through the collaborative process, something amazing happens. A new emergent property comes out as a result of this process that you could have not come up with on your own. I experienced this first hand when I worked with someone. I always thought I could do everything on my own and I can; however, with collaboration, it is like you are on steroids but in this case, they are good for you.

You have a guide who can guide you through the challenges, support you during the hard times and help you achieve your goals. You can think of me as your professional trusted guide who can help you navigate the corporate world or your business or your life. I am here to help you and if we are a perfect fit I would love to work with you. If not, then you will get the best advice on how to move forward for FREE from a fellow professional. If you are ready to take the next step, or if you are struggling in your current job click the “GET STARTED TODAY!” button below to schedule a FREE 1-on-1 strategy session to see if we can work together. WIN-WIN or no deal.

Benefits of Working With Me 

During our sessions, we will take a holistic approach. We will work together on your inner world which is mostly neglected and your outer world. If your inner world is not in a great state you will never be fulfilled and it will be reflected in your outer world.

A Custom Developed Package for You and Your Needs

After our 1-on-1 strategy session we would have clarified your goals and you will get a customised 3 month/12 session package for you.

Understanding and Support

You will get support, understanding and a listening ear with no judgement from someone that has your best interest at heart, a professional trusted advisor and friend to help you move forward.

Increased Energy

You will get increased energy by making minor life style changes that are easy to implement.

Increased Awareness

Your awareness will increase by noticing how you are feeling and having a choice in any given situation of how to react instead of following pre-programmed patterns.

Increased Productivity

Your productivity will increase by learning how to focus like a laser, clear your mind and eliminate multi-tasking.

Develop Positive Habits

You will understand how to eliminate negative habits and develop positive ones that support you.

Emotional Management

You will learn how to manage your emotions to regulate yourself during testing times.

Goals Clarity and an Action Plan

Your goals will become clear. You will know exactly what you want as most people don’t. You will have an action plan of how to get there.

Next Level Tools

You will receive a toolkit with powerful customised tools, each one designed to help you in a certain situation. You can call on these tools whenever you need them to act in a certain way or to find solutions.

Exclusive Offers

You will have access to exclusive offers from partners when available.

 Let’s Do a Live Discovery Session & Help You Reach Your Goals

Working with someone is an intimate, personalised, collaborative experience. We need to be a perfect fit to work together, otherwise you will be wasting your time, effort and money.

That is why I don’t work with anyone without first having a 1-on-1 strategy session.

Do you know what you want out of life? Do you know where you are heading? Life doesn’t come with a manual but together we can find your path.

If you are ready to move forward and implement your knowledge to get results, click the “BOOK A FREE DISCOVERY CALL” button below, select an available time from my calendar, and let’s organise a strategy session to see if we can work together.  I’ll also give you a FREE GIFT at the end of your session. So reach out right now to get started. WIN-WIN or no deal. Do it for yourself.

*Money back guarantee after the second session if you are not happy for any reason.

Joseph Standing

Free Gift

How do you handle criticism at work or in business? Do you get angry or upset?

If you answered YES, then enter your name and email address in the form to get your FREE video on

“How to handle criticism in a positive way at work or in business.”

In the video, I will show you in two simple steps how to handle criticism in a positive way so you can move forward quickly.

From My Clients

Read below what my clients are saying.

“Joseph helped me clarify my goals and we worked out the best next actions to get the result I am after. He supported me through a personalised case management approach to identify, clarify and build upon my set goals. This supported me in my journey of self-discovery and achieving my personalised set targets. Through this approach, I discovered a lot of aspects to my character and practices that I had not really focussed upon. Things like, not putting in boundaries with friends, family and work colleagues. The support and suggestions made by Joseph, allowed me to take charge of my own future directions and make small changes that would have a big impact on my overall well-being. I would recommend Joseph to career-minded individuals who want to progress in their organisation and have the tools to cope with the daily challenges while balancing their professional and personal lives. As I work in the corporate arena it can get hectic at times, when you are trying to maintain a semblance of balance. The support and suggestions given by Joseph, allowed me to regain my freedom and I was able to break free from the mundane constraints. He is extremely talented at what he does and can resonate with people in high-pressure vocations due to his own experiences. Thank you for giving me back the confidence to take charge of my own life directions again. You truly are amazing.”

Dr Kristina Serdarovic

Corporate Consultant, Adelaide Australia

“Joseph Hass is a fantastic guide. When I first came to him I was feeling overwhelmed and somewhat paralysed about how to move forward with the next level of my career as an artist coach. Joseph listened carefully and asked me great questions that helped me get in touch with what was truly important to me. I was able to see the bigger picture and then get clarity on what my priorities were and from there it became easy to create a game plan with very specific action steps to take. Joseph has many tools in his tool belt and his expertise allowed him to give me a perspective I couldn’t initially see for myself. I highly recommend working with him if you are overwhelmed and not sure how to move forward.”

Amadea Bailey

Contemporary Expressionist, California USA

“Working with Joseph helped me to identify the goals I wanted to work towards and the steps I needed to take to reach them. During our sessions, Joseph offered helpful tips for overcoming my obstacles to success and helped me to identify next actions to take before our next session. Knowing I was accountable to Joseph helped me to follow through on those actions, which moved me closer to achieving my goals. Joseph is resourceful, encouraging and supportive with a positive attitude. He always helped me to see the progress I was making even when I couldn’t see it on my own. I would recommend Joseph to anyone looking to progress in their professional life, whether it be to build or expand on a business of their own or to take the next step up in their organisation. I would especially recommend Joseph to anyone who feels stuck and unsure of their next step as he is adept at helping clients to identify goals and the steps required to achieve them, and at supporting clients as they start to take those steps.”

Sherri Staples

Immigration Specialist, Pennsylvania USA

“Running and trying to grow your business can be overwhelming with never-ending new obstacles making things more stressful. I must admit that I was a bit stuck and unsure of which direction to take my business. Then I discovered Joseph. I felt comfortable from our first meeting. He was like a breath of fresh air, who always seems to have a positive attitude and a good listener. Together we cleared the path and developed a plan on the best direction to take towards getting my business to the next level. Joseph was also brilliant in helping me clarify my goals and defining my niche. I would have no hesitation in recommending Joseph to anyone looking for professional business or career guidance.”

Con Tastzidis

Company Director, Sydney Australia

“Joseph’s ability to see things I did not is fascinating. Running a business can get you in a closed circuit mindset from time to time. Joseph’s guidance helped me to discover simple and easy to implement solutions to challenges that I kept getting stuck with. Joseph’s assistance is suited for solepreneurs and corporations. His skills are especially beneficial for online businesses. Joseph’s understanding of goal setting, business success and work-life balance make him a superior business/corporate guide.”

Olga Dewar

Joy Aficionada/Single Men Coach, Ottawa Canada


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

I take pride in my work and satisfaction is guaranteed. WIN-WIN or no deal.

If you are interested in the services of Joseph Hass or have any enquiries please drop me a line using the form below. I would love to hear from you. I will get in touch with you shortly. Alternatively, you can reach me via phone, text or WhatsApp on +61 477 033 444

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